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. we started our enrollment cam p -- campaign not to enroll but to educate people in advance. i went to 200 cities. we had bus tours and advertisements. some of this has been driven by the fact they may not have had the budget, i don't know. i do think they have trouble in being able to educate people. they have a lot of challenges. the first one is the technical problem. they have to solve the technical problems or they're never going to get to the numbers. you are right, what really is at stake here isn't whether or not they got their web site fixed. it's whether the pooling process that they've developed is going to work. you have to have enough healthy, young people in this pool to make it affordable for. >> else. >> governor, i mean, it appears to be actually worse than that. according to the front page of "the washington post" today, in some states eight out of tn of the people that are signing up are on medicaid. if you continue that sort of ratio, it's simply going to be seen as an expansion of the entitlement program. and a huge divergence between those states that have opte
. it has a very highly educated and bilingual workforce. about two-thirds of all citizens between 18 and 24 are enrolled in higher education. and importantly we would like to see on the revenue side of the equation more taxes and fees coming in so you'd like to see growth but we don't need it if you see things on the expenditure size. >> $37 billion underfunded for pension operations. >> correct. they've moved from a defined benefit plan to defined contribution. so their liabilities will no longer keep growing into the future. >> so it helps the near term sol vensy but does it deal with the overall problem? >> they'll have to fund their pension cost on a pay as you go basis. much like our federal government does with social security. they're actually in a better place than many states and local governments. >> these bonds have traded off dramatically. you've suffered as a result. are you buying more given the discounts? >> we're a strong hold and adding around the margin. we already have significant positions in many of our funds but there are attractive opportunities to buy double, triple
of life and by providing knowledge and education and the technology. >> while cracking down on elicit behavior? that is the end of the sentence, i would hope. >> that is one, for sure. but i would start with another point. >> i don't know if we have time. >> if we talk about behavior, how about the fact that the change in weight in america cost the united states $1 trillion a year. how are we going to get people to focus on personal responsibility for their own health? >> it sounds like it is changing and it is going to create exciting opportunities. mike milken, francis collins, thank you for your time this morning >>> obama supporters would argue that the administration is known for being tech savvy. how did health end up with so many problems. the former while house chief technology officer will join us live. >>> is twitter really worth all the hype? find out what investors have to say when "squawk on the street" comes right back. little old fashioned. i love chalk and erasers. but change is coming. all my students have the brand new surface. it has the new windows and com
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3